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¡Hola mundo!

Bienvenido a En el Cauca. Este es tu primera entrada. ¡Edítala o elimínala, y empieza a bloguear!

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Welcome to Cajibío Birding & Nature – Bienvenidos

Cajibío Birding and Nature is a community ecotourism project to re-develop Cauca and its diverse municipipalities as the prime site for Bird Watching and Cultural Tourism. The undertaking is composed of social leaders from Cajibío, biologists, anthropologists and multi-lingual scientists dedicated to working on projects that can bring genuine prosperity to all populations – wildlife and human.  We bring clean, organic practices to lands that have been damaged by Agrochemicals and bad practices such as defor estation, cutting of ´maleza´and fires killing the soil biologically. Through conservation of forests, water, soils and habitats we are maintaining an attractiveness in this region for all species and improving the quality of our local crops through better nutrition and embracing native materials for construction, medicine and natural fibre-packaging. Convenio: En El Cauca Paisaje Cultura Cauca Fundación Mundo Mujer 2017  Mundo Mujer Foundation have announced that they will support the next stage of the development plans for the Municipio of Cajibío, blessed with all the climates, lakes and native forests to enjoy the bird trail or the entire ecological corridor which we´re making accessible for the public – Park National Munchique to Park National Purace. To achieve this, a multi-disciplinary project is underway to build local sites that are abundant in avifauna and flora, restore their forests and assist in the construction of decent living and servicing standards commensurate with the bird and nature enthusiast. Cajibío Birding and Nature represents hope for peace, harmony with the environment and an important potencial source of income for the local population – a zone particularly hard hit by the conflict and narco-trafficking. Our job on this site is to showcase the work we are conducting together with Architects, Leaders, Bloggers and Bird and Coffee Lovers as well as offer unrivalled services in Colombia through vivencias de la naturaleza and cultural tourism. […]

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